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Aly made me a delicious #lunch! #vsco #vscocam #food #foodporn

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You have no concept of how good this looks to me right now.
ETA: Maybe there is a goddess because I just remembered that my mom brought me some leftover barbeque last night. Not the same but close enough. Mmmmmmeat.

You have no concept of how good this looks to me right now.

ETA: Maybe there is a goddess because I just remembered that my mom brought me some leftover barbeque last night. Not the same but close enough. Mmmmmmeat.

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Many holiday thanks to @Saveurmag for asking me to shoot their exciting holiday Cookie Advent Calendar!

Special Note: You may recognize the handsome devil behind #11!

Omg holiday cookies.  I want them all.

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posting as a link because it’s literally the best website ever. you just tell it what ingredients you possess and it flings recipes at you!

well there goes my dinner plans

Holy crap! holy crap! That website! I’m excited!

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I’d always heard rumors of people making their own almond milk but I assumed it was a super difficult process. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally built up the courage to make it. It’s really easy, and oddly fun.

To make Raw Almond Milk:

What you’ll need:

1 cup raw almonds

2-3 cups of water

vanilla extract (optional)



What you’ll need to do:

Combine almonds and water. Let sit overnight. Blend together and pour into a jar lined with cheesecloth/muslin/pantyhose. Let this separate the milk from the leftover almond chunks. Make sure to give the cloth a good squeeze when you’re done to get as much out as you can. Refrigerate and enjoy!


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  • 1 tbsp. butter, melted 
  • 1 tbsp. white sugar 
  • 1 tbsp. brown sugar 
  • 3 drops of vanilla 
  • pinch of salt 
  • 1 egg yolk 
  • 1/4 c. flour 
  • 2 tbsp. chocolate chips

In a bowl, mix together the butter, sugars, vanilla, and egg yolk. Add in the flour and salt. Mix until combined. Add in the chocolate chips. Put the dough into a small microwaveable bowl, ramekin, or coffee cup. Microwave for 40-60 seconds or until the cookie looks done. Best served warm… Enjoy!

I’m making this…..right… now…….




where have you been all my life

uhhh i’m going to make this tomorrow for myself, yes.

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This is Italian porn.
For me. And koala.

Omg get in my tummy.

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Cheese Manicotti with Tomato Sauce - Gourmet: August 1977

Here y’all, have some food porn. <3

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Food Porn: Shawarma!

Stack of meat wrapped around a pole! Here are some information about this fast food. 

Shawarma is an Arab meat preparation, where lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or mixed meats are placed on a spit (commonly a vertical spit in restaurants), and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit. 

It is similar to the dish called döner kebab ‘turning kebab’ in Turkish, and the Greek gyros ‘turned’, formerly called ντονέρ /doˈner/. A related Armenian dish is “tarna”, literally meaning “to turn”.

Shawarma is made by alternately stacking strips of fat and pieces of seasoned meat (beef, lamb or marinated chicken) on a stick—an onion or tomato is sometimes placed at the top of the stack for additional flavoring. The meat is roasted slowly on all sides as the spit rotates in front of, or over, a flame for hours. Traditionally a wood fire was used; currently, a gas flame is common.

While cooking, the meat is shaved off the stack with a large knife, an electric knife or a small circular saw, dropping to a circular tray below to be retrieved. Shawarma is eaten as a fast food, made up into a sandwich wrap with pita bread or rolled up in an Armenian Lavash flatbread together with vegetables and dressing. A variety of vegetables come with the shawarma which include: cucumber, onion, tomato, lettuce, eggplant, parsley, pickled turnips, pickled gherkins, and cabbage. You have the option to get French fries in some countries including: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, also countries in Europe such as Romania, Germany, Bulgaria and even the U.K.

Chicken shawarma is served with garlic mayonnaise, toum (garlic sauce), pomegranate concentrate, or skhug (a hot chili sauce). Once the shawarma is made, it might be dipped in the fat dripping from the skewer and then briefly seared against the flame. [*]

I had cheap, delicious döner kebab a couple of times from a place near our hotel in Munich.  It was seriously so good and the guys that worked there were really nice and friendly in a totally non-creepy way. :)

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Summer has officially hit, actually it hit like 3 weeks ago, with its scorching hot 90+ degree F weather so for this week’s installment of #SundaySupper, we are beating the summer heat by bringing you recipes that can be prepared quickly and without the use of an oven. That being said, I bring you a quick and easy coleslaw with a secret ingredient: granny smith apples. I was definitely a bit skeptical about the apples but it actually brought such a nice, refreshing tartness to the slaw that was very well balanced with the lemony-poppy-seed dressing. Plus, it’s such a nice twist on boring old, traditional coleslaw. Best of all, it serves as the perfect side dish to almost anything!

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This sounds freaking amazing.

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  • Me a third of the time: I just want to cuddle up with you and watch cute movies and look into your eyes and tell you I love you and kiss you lots and then fall asleep in your arms.
  • Me a third of the time: I just want to rip off your clothes and get pushed against the wall with my arms pinned up and make out and push you onto your bed and we can fuck the shit out of each other, ok.
  • The other third of the time: want to go get waffles and hot chocolate?